Advanced Facial Guide to Micro-Needling.

What are the benefits on Microneedling?

The major benefits of Micro-Needling include;

- Prevents signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines.

- Reduces appearance of stretch marks.

- Improves and reduces appearance of scars including Acne scarring.

- Significantly reduces the appearance of Skin Pigmentation and Sun Spots.

- Reduces large pores leaves the skin looking smoother and tighter.

How long will it take to see results?

The initial skin tightening and pore reduction can be seen after just one session, but you will not see your final result until session 4-6. For more prominent skin conditions such as scarring and pigmentation it will take around six sessions to see a result. We offer needling courses at a lower rate than a one off facial.

Photo taken during a Micro - Needle facial at Glow Spa & Beauty.

Can I combine Micro Needling with other treatments?

Yes! While all of our advanced facials are great stand alone treatments, Micro Needling has accelerated results when combined with other treatments. It is also great combined with Dermaplaning. A chemical peel 2-3 weeks before your Micro Needling works great.

How often do I need Micro - Needling?

You should have Micro - Needling every 4- 6 weeks. This is how long on average it will take for all of the skin cells on the face to renew. Each session will be scheduled depending on your skin concern and what results you are hoping to acheive.

What are the side effects of Micro - Needling?

Initially, minor side effects are expected from Micro-Needling. These include temporary redness which should go down by the following day. In rare cases some minor bruising and inflammation can occur, this should clear up within a few days. Some clients experience dry skin or minor breakouts a few days after the treatment - but these tend to be mild and clear up on their own. You can return to your usual daily activities as normal.

What aftercare should I follow?

You will receive a full aftercare guide to take home and follow. The main points for Micro-needling aftercare are mainly for the first 48 hours. In this time it is important to keep the skin clean, do not wear makeup and use only gentle cleanser, serum and an SPF moisturiser. Stay out of the sun where possible but wear an SPF, no vigorous exercise, swimming or sweating. Keep skin moisturised and use a light serum as advised by your therapist. Our full guide to aftercare will be uploaded on our blog soon.

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