How to cleanse your eyelash extensions.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Eyelash extensions are the quickest way to get longer, fuller lashes. They make your morning makeup routine quicker, as you eliminate the need for mascara! It's important to take care of them (see my aftercare guide here) and part of that is regular gentle cleansing. Build up of products and bacteria can cause irritation and infections, such as Blepharitis and even Demodex Mite Infections! Keep your lashes clean and hygienic by following the steps below...

1) Choose an oil free gentle cleanser and a cleansing brush -

Always use a cleanser that's oil free, cleansers containing oils will break down the eyelash glue and cause them to fall out quicker. You can actually use your own cleanser just with added water to make it gentler, or baby shampoo works just as well.

2) Wash - Wet your brush and apply your gentle cleanser to the brush. Apply to your lashes and make sure you cleanse all the way to the lash line, then over the eyelid as this is where dirt and bacteria build up. Use upward and downward movements from the root to tip, being careful not to tug or twist the extensions. When this is done rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water. Repeat if necessary.

3) Dry - To dry your lashes you can pat them dry with a towel or a dry flannel, or leave them to air dry. You can even use a hair dryer to gently dry them. Always pat them dry, don't rub them! Avoid using face wipes, cotton wool or cotton buds as the fibres can get stuck in the lashes and you could end up having to pick it out and damaging your lashes.

4) Comb - Comb out your lashes and push them back into place. Treat them with care when brushing. You should be combing your lashes dry twice daily anyway to keep them in place.