Hair extension aftercare guide.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

For Micro Ring, Nano Ring & Micro Weft Extensions.

While hair extensions are a great way to add colour, length and volume to your hair, they aren't low maintenance and they require proper aftercare. Hair extensions that aren't looked after can become dry, knotty and tangled. I have been practising extensions for 7 years now and have learned a lot of great aftercare tricks along the way. Follow this guide to find out how to look after your hair extensions properly, to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

1) Brushing - I ask all of my clients to buy a tangle teezer style brush. These brushes do not have the little balls on the bristles, meaning it can glide through your hair without pulling any extensions out. Section of your hair to brush it, making sure you get all the way through the hair. Quite often clients miss the underneath section at the nape of the neck, section your hair off to get your brush all the way through. Brush morning and night.

2) Maintenance Appointments - Every 4-6 weeks, without fail. These are so important and i can not stress this enough. If you run into problems with your extensions after missing maintenance appointments, your technician may not be able to rectify them for you. Separate your bonds daily when brushing to make your maintenance appointment quick and easy. Bring any lost extensions with you to your appointment so they can be refitted.

3) Washing & Styling - Wash your extensions a maximum of two times a week. Use dry shampoo in between washes. If you need to you can tie your extensions back and wash just the top layer of natural hair. Washing too much will take the moisture out of your extensions. Only condition the lengths of your hair, never smother your loops in conditioner as they will slip out. Always use the products recommended to you by your hair extension company, as they will be suited to their brand of hair. You can style your hair as usual with heated tools, but be careful as too much use will cause heat damage. When straightening and curling be gentle and hold the root of the extension to take the pressure off the loop.

4) Sleeping - Brush extensions and then sleep with a loose plait or ponytail. Slinky's are the best band for tying hair up as they don't get snag and break the hair. Always dry your hair thoroughly before bed too to avoid knotting!

5) Colouring your hair - It's not recommended that you dye your extensions & trying to lift a dark brown extension to blonde just wouldn't work! You can however touch up your root colour as needed. Do not tone your hair extensions.

5) Avoid, Avoid, Avoid - Don't tip your head upside down when you're washing or drying your hair. This will cause nothing but pain or matting! It's best to wash in the shower standing upright. Chlorine and salt water should be avoided altogether, if you swim wear a swimming cap. Sunbeds and UV Rays will fade hair colour and dry extensions out, wrap your hair in a towel if you're using sunbeds.

6) Serum and oils - Use a serum or hair oil through the lengths of your extensions. Do this every time you wash your hair and as needed when dry. Do not use serum or oils on your roots, they do not need it! You must purchase Routes aftercare products in order for them to take responsibility if the hair is faulty.

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