How to prepare for your eyelash appointment.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Breeze (or sleep) through your lash appointment and follow these easy tips to make it easy and stress free for you and your lash technician.

1) Patch testing - your technician will always arrange a patch test.

Always get an allergy test before having your lashes done, unwanted reactions are not fun and they do happen.

2) Arrive with your lashes impeccably clean. Think of it this way... if you have an hour appointment and your lash technician has to spend the first 20 minutes cleaning your lashes and removing your makeup you are using up your own lashing time! Cleanse your lashes thoroughly, pat them dry then brush them ready for your lash technician.

3) Remove your contacts if you wear them. Remove any large, dangling earrings (you don't want your lash tech leaning on these, ouch!) For health and safety reasons, remove these before your appointment.

4) Don't wear makeup or face creams to your appointment, arrive with a clean face and lashes! The oils can prevent glue adhering properly, so removing these is just using up your lash time.

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