LVL Lash Lift Aftercare Guide.

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Eyelash lifting is a quick and easy treatment which gives you longer looking lashes for 6-8 week. It's extremely popular as it's completely non - damaging and it requires minimum maintenance. In fact, most of your aftercare is done in the first 24 hours. Follow the steps below to look after your LVL lashes properly.

1) In the first 24 hours do not let any water come into contact with your lashes. Do not use mascara or any type of make up remover. Basically, do not apply anything to them for the first 24 hours, unless it's to brush them upwards. This is because your lift is still 'setting' in the first 24 hours.

2) Avoid swimming, steam baths and facial steamers for the next 48 hours.

3) After treatment you can brush lashes upwards as often as you'd like. Then get into the habit of brushing them upwards in the morning and evening to keep the longevity of your lift.

4) Use a serum daily to keep your lashes moisturised. You can use mascara if needed, when the 24 hours settling in period has passed.

5) If your eyelashes get swept downwards or side ways ( from sleeping, cleansing etc) then use your brush to push them back into place. This is throughout you lash lift, not just in the first day.

6) When cleansing be careful, don'r rub your lashes too hard and use oil free removers where possible.

7) Book a top up tint every 3 weeks to keep the dark mascara effect looking fresh.

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